Remodeling DSM Monthly – April 2015

by Todd Razor - April 28th, 2015
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The Remodeling DSM Monthly features a collection of articles, images and blog posts geared toward the maintenance and beautification of homes and commercial businesses. Each publication is intended to instill confidence in local homeowners while reflecting the best practices and highest standards in our industry. We set out to inspire, build trust and provide credible sources of information to those who are in need of a home improvement or beginning their search for a professional remodeling contractor.

Home Today
USA Today shines a light on technology and fashion in the Spring 2015 issue of Home, alongside thoughtsRC_Remodeling_Monthly_April_Tease on small kitchens, dream bathrooms, clutter-free entryways and the master suite. The National Association of Home Builders announced a brand marketing initiative that includes the telling of its story in the USA Today Home Guide, and an opportunity to showcase the value of homeownership in America. A free digital download of the 100-page book is available now.
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Better Innovation
The results of a nationwide survey conducted by Meredith’s Better Homes and Gardens show that conserving energy, saving money, and investing in smart technologies are top priorities for today’s consumer. The Des Moines-based publisher announced that a new “Innovation Home” feature ­– with a look at kitchen and bath products, water saving appliances, cutting edge electronics and low-maintenance building materials – is rolling out in October 2015.
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Top 5
Consumer Reports offers insights into the hottest products, coolest innovations and fastest emerging trends in home remodeling and design. Handle-less kitchens, customized appliances, countertop gadgets and an explosion of outdoor living spaces are each explored as part of the independent organization’s article that followed NAHB’s Design and Construction Week in January 2015.
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Spa Up
An investment in quality amenities and finish materials is a surefire way to increase satisfaction with a bath remodel for couples living in a downsized home. From floor warming mats to high-tech medicine cabinets, built-in televisions and super absorbent towels, the Daily Herald reports on transforming a single bathroom into a spa-like retreat with room for two.
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Get Real
Flipping through channels to view our favorite home improvement shows can be both enjoyable and inspirational for owners who have a remodeling project in mind. On the other hand, Kiplinger magazine warns, consumers planning to renovate or purchase a home should be careful not to confuse “reality” with what they see on TV.
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Stay or go?
The New York Times takes on the subject of aging in place with a focus on working adults on the cusp of retirement. The article offers guidelines for remodeling based on how long you plan to stay in your home, as well as the “curb appeal” of improvements such as installing siding, replacing doors, upgrading kitchens and more. “Once you’ve considered all the things you might want to do, consult experts, including remodelers, designers, architects, real estate professionals and financial advisers to figure out how much your dreams will cost, whether the expenditure is appropriate for your neighborhood and how you will pay for the improvements.”
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Next Ten
A article published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel advises homeowners to take their time when choosing a builder or remodeling contractor while staying ahead of the game in terms of budgets and expectations during the construction process. Writer Nancy J. Stohs provides her top list of decisions to consider before moving forward with a kitchen remodel.
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