Remodeling DSM Monthly – August 2015

by Todd Razor - August 25th, 2015
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The Remodeling DSM Monthly features a collection of articles, images and blog posts geared toward the maintenance and beautification of homes and commercial businesses. Each publication is intended to instill confidence in local homeowners while reflecting the best practices and highest standards in our industry. We set out to inspire, build trust and provide credible sources of information to those who are in need of a home improvement or beginning their search for a professional remodeling contractor.

Good News
Neighborhoods with high levels of remodeling activity enjoy stronger levels of price appreciation, compared to areas with fewer projects. The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies attributes the surge in home improvement to rising sales of existing homes – and increasing prices – as owners ramp up discretionary spending on backyard decks, spa-like bathrooms and other vanity improvements. It is expected that consumers will spend $325 billion on home remodeling and repair projects this year.
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The Right Stuff
Remodeling a home can be a rewarding experience, and even more so when you invite the right professional to walk through the door. From checking references to asking for credentials and keeping written records, Freddie Mac shares six tips to avoid the added expense, consumption of time, and disruptive nature of hiring the wrong contractor.
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Scammer Shield
Summer is a terrific season to repair, improve or renovate the home. It is also a time when unsolicited “Chuck in a truck” types are busy canvasing local neighborhoods in an attempt to scam unsuspecting homeowners. Be on the lookout for red flags, including vehicles with no company name or contact info, as well as out-of-state license plates, “limited-time offers,” or other high-pressure techniques.
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Walled Up
Houzz contributor Becky Harris dreams big in this Forbes article about some of the best and brightest ideas for bedroom accent walls. From strategic moldings to two-tones, murals, decals, three-dimensional tiles and more, check out an array of options and choices to spruce up the place we lay our heads.
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Senior Needs
U.S. News & World Report takes a look at seniors and remodeling in an article on mistakes to avoid when upgrading a home. Older Americans have more to consider than granite in the kitchen or tile in the bathroom. It is especially important for those over 50 to think about their specific needs – and financial situations – when it comes to planning for the overhaul of living spaces.
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Home Invasion
A conversation with your contractor of choice and his or her team can keep pets safe and happy while workers are underfoot during the home-renovation process. In addition to asking about any hazardous materials or dangerous equipment with which a remodeler may be working, such as noxious fumes or sharp tools, it is also important to mitigate escape opportunities. Homeowners with an eye on protecting their four-legged friends will be well served by taking note of some practical advice – and pet-friendly design ideas – offered by the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association.
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Counter Top
Time ponders the question of kitchens in a piece about the best countertop for your money. The author shares his take on both quartz and granite, referring to the advantages and downsides, along with a breakdown of materials reported by the National Kitchen & Bath Association to be most commonly specified by kitchen designers last year.
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Paint Trends
Paint color trends have changed a lot since JY Design’s Julie Youngblade got into the business 14 years ago. Times have changed and – though color trends tend to vary by region – the Midwest typically follows a conservative version of what’s happening on the national scene. Her article is aimed at informing Midwest families that are working to simplify their environment by creating a crisp and calm environment.
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