Remodeling DSM Monthly – March 2015

by Todd Razor - March 30th, 2015
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The Remodeling DSM Monthly features a collection of articles, images and blog posts geared toward the maintenance and beautification of homes and commercial businesses. Each publication is intended to instill confidence in local homeowners while reflecting the best practices and highest standards in our industry. We set out to inspire, build trust and provide credible sources of information to those who are in need of a home improvement or beginning their search for a professional remodeling contractor.

Trending Now
Curious about what kitchen and bath experts are talking about this year in regards to trends in the industry? A North Carolina agency produced a nice video with current patterns related to Gen Y and high-end homeowners, along with food-for-thought for both designers and consumers from a recent Las Vegas Trade Show.
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High Efficiency Living
Talk of low-maintenance outdoor living spaces and cost-efficient automated control systems are springing to life as the winter chill fades. The Seattle Times had much to say last month about the popularity of all-season porches and improvements to seamlessly expand a home’s footprint outward from common areas such as a kitchen or living room. The article, in addition to thoughts on aging-in-place without sacrificing style, discusses technologies that allow a single tablet or smartphone to control each of the approximately 80 devices that manipulate the lights, temperature, security and other gadgets in your home.
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Got Your Back
Searching for the perfect kitchen backsplash to complement your favorite place to cook, relax or dine? Better Homes and Gardens offers up an image gallery to inspire homeowners ready to transform their kitchen and are on the hunt for a few stylish ideas to entertain.
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Remodeling on Ice
Rob Van Winkle, whose 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby” topped the Billboard charts, spoke with an Ohio newspaper about his background in construction and fifth season of the former rap artist’s “The Vanilla Ice Project.” Van Winkle, also known as Vanilla Ice, was scheduled to appear last month at the Columbus Dispatch Home & Garden Show. The 47-year-old is a big fan of electronics and said devices like automated drapes and flexible, LED wallpaper TV could be the next big thing.
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Be Ensured
A leading insurance publication has shared nine things to know about insurance coverage at remodeling time. Property-Casualty 360, in its comprehensive report, focuses on communicating with contractors to ensure applicable codes, licenses, permits and insurance are in place and maintained. More than one-forth of owners, in the next two years, say they plan to renovate the bathroom or make an addition to their homes. Twenty-two percent are considering either and addition or kitchen renovation during the same period. This is a solid resource – with good information and take-a-ways – to help protect homeowners and businesses alike.
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Go Pro
Dan Knoup, executive officer with the DSMHBA, offers up a thoughtful definition of a successful remodel. Going beyond the standard dictionary answer, Dan digs into the value of passion, education, service, and retaining a professional who has your best interest in mind.
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Live With It
Open lines of communication are essential to the success of remodel and the National Association of Home Builders offers homeowners some good tips on how to “live with” your project once the construction process begins. The association’s tips to minimize stress include preparing for pre-construction meeting, maintaining a good sense of humor, looking forward to the adventure, and doing your best to avoid remodeling fever.
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The Remodeling DSM Monthly is a free publication offered periodically and without obligation on behalf of the Remodelers Council of Greater Des Moines. For more information regarding the association, its members and affiliates, including the National Association of Home Builders and Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines, please visit us online at

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