Remodeling with Pets in Des Moines

by Todd Razor - April 16th, 2014
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RC_Pets_Remodeling_2Homeowners with pets and a remodeling project in mind represent a special breed.

The joy of construction stirs up sights, sounds and smells associated with loud saws, fresh lumber, powerful hammers and new faces inside the home.

If the project includes a deck, kitchen or rear façade of a home, for example, a builder may recommend the installation of a temporary ramp outside the front door, allowing large or otherwise energetic canines a way in and outside when remodeling contractors are underfoot.

On the other paw, homeowners taking a long-term view of remodeling with pets may be considering the creation of a niche space for their four-legged family members. Which flooring types should be avoided? Why not design custom food and water dishes as part of your next home remodel? Trade that cardboard box for new sleeping quarters integrated seamlessly into a lower kitchen cabinet?

Qualified remodelers always pay attention to the details, and seek out ways to build comfort and durability into every aspect of a project. Central Iowa contractors acquainted with Midwest winters may even suggest an attached doghouse or the paw-cleaning power of heavy fiber carpeting.

Whether its setting up man’s best friend with an attached doghouse and dual doors to conserve thermal energy, or the installation of superior products to promote a cleaner and more efficient home, call on a local building professional qualified to answer your remodeling with pets questions in and around Greater Des Moines. provides more tips for reducing stress on pets and keeping the home in order during a home remodeling project: “One solution to avoiding dog stress is to arrange to board your dog during the remodel. If that isn’t an option, take your dog for a car ride or to a dog park to play for a while. If he must be shut up in a certain part of your home during a remodel, be sure to put all of his toys, his bed and food dishes in the room with him. Turn on a television or radio to muffle some of the noise.”

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