2014 Tour
Of Remodeled Homes

Home 3

6708 Bramwell Ct, Johnston

    About this Project:

    The Fosters did not have a wonderful live-in kitchen before our journey began, they had a room they prepared meals in. Today, after removing all of the finishes from floor to ceiling, opening up two walls, adding three windows in to the dining area and building custom bench seating, they have a kitchen they rave about. Walking in to the kitchen from the garage you are greeted with custom cabinetry for family notes, chalk board and drop zones. The personal touches include wine storage made of underground drain tiles removed for an Iowa Farm, to a mosaic inlay of each family members’ hands above the range. This home is a wonderful example of what families look for in a kitchen today. Upon standing in the space, you too will have the feeling of “Yeah, I could live here.”

    Compelling Homes

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    Compelling Homes was founded by Rusty Green with the idea of focusing on The Who and not The What. We invest considerable amounts of time in to learning how the home will be lived in so we can develop the best design and construction. Once we have the design that best suits the family we work with our team of professionals to produce spectacular results. By the time construction begins, our customers know how much the project will cost in the end, who will be onsite and how long the project will take. Upon completion of the home, it is common to hear that the process was just as fun as the end result.