2015 Tour
Of Remodeled Homes

Home 13

Foster Drive, Des Moines

    About this Project:

    Our clients had a wonderful backyard including an in–ground pool a large brick patio and beautiful landscaping. The only problem was the patio provided no protection from the elements. To protect themselves from the harsh sun, unpredictable rain, and bugs, they decided to contact Kaufman Construction to convert the patio to a gorgeous screened porch. It wasn’t as simple as throwing a roof over the patio though. The size and position of the room had to be “massaged” in order for the new roofline to miss second story windows. Once the size was dialed in, the details were added. The result is a porch that fits seamlessly – as if it has been there since the house was built. Our clients have also added a patio and additional landscaping to bring the back yard together.

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    Kaufman Construction was formed around a passion for designing, building, and renovating homes that embody the spirit of the homeowner. Our firm strives to build homes with the convenience, design, and custom touches that give older homes their personality and resilience. Our main goal is to build homes that grow richer with age…meaning that each day you spend in your Kaufman Construction designed and built home, the more you’ll appreciate the foresight and careful detail of the craftsmen who created it. We want to ensure that the home ages gracefully and remains a strong source of pride for its residents. Whether you’re looking to build a new home with old-world character or a state of the art home with contemporary styling, restore or add on to an older home, or even completely change the style of an existing house, Kaufman Construction can provide you the quality design and construction you desire, as well as the excellent customer service you deserve.